Diagnostic Ultrasound

At Crushes Manor Clinic, we offer ultrasound scans for musculoskeletal ailments. Ultrasound scans are typically the imaging modality of choice when looking at musculoskeletal structures, such as the shoulder joint, and can offer valuable information regarding pathology around other joints such as the wrist, hand, elbow, hip, knee and ankle. Ultrasonography is also able to visualise ligament tears, tendon pathology/tears and muscle tears. Ultrasound offers the possibility of dynamic scanning in real-time, which means one can scan a particular part whilst the part is moving to identify mechanical issues during movement.

We offer musculoskeletal ultrasound either as part of your initial assessment (please request this at the time of your first booking) or as a standalone diagnostic aid for a musculoskeletal pathology which has never been treated before or is under treatment currently with another clinician. We can offer you or your clinician a scan report by a trained NHS musculoskeletal sonographer, who is not just proficient in sonography but can also assess the part (if requested) and make sense of the findings on the scan. We can then discuss the results with you and, if you are already under treatment with another clinician, liaise with the clinician and send them a report.

Some of the common issues scanned in clinic are:

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