"Magic Mike"

I first met Mike Conyers around 25 years a go when the practice was based in Hutton. I went to him with chronic lower back pain. My GP prescribed pain pills and the NHS physio just wanted to give me a list of exercises to do at home. My colleague recommended Mike so I thought I’d give it ago. Within five minutes of being in Mike’s treatment room, he told me that L4 had prolapsed and that my spine was deviating to the right. The treatment that followed was worth every penny! Traction followed by a medical grade ‘tens’ type therapy, it was the first time in weeks that I could walk upright. Fast forward 25 years to 2018, after an accident at work, my disc problem raised its ugly head once again. I couldn’t find Mike in Hutton and thought that perhaps he’d moved on. I tried my GP and the NHS therapist again, no real improvement. Then I tried a man and wife in Essex who claim to practice Chinese medicine, without going into detail, it didn’t work, in fact it was worse! By this time my GP had arranged for a specialist to see me at The Wellesley Spire Hospital. An MRI scan was done and I was told that both L4 and L5 had prolapsed and that surgery would correct the problem. While all this was going on, my wife found that Mike was in fact still practicing, but had moved into new premises in Brentwood. Not being too keen on the surgical option, I made an appointment and again, Mike worked his magic! After 10 sessions I was walking tall again without pain and more importantly, without surgery! I often say to friends that I’m off to see Magic Mike which usually raises a chuckle and I must say, Mike also found this amusing, as he hadn’t heard of Magic Mike!! The practice itself is spotlessly clean and welcoming, all the staff I have encountered over my visits there have been thoroughly professional, friendly and approachable. If you are in need of physiotherapy, in my opinion there is none better than Mike Conyers!

Brian Botham Essex.

When I attended my first appointment with Sarang I had been suffering with lower back and leg pain for months, to the point where it was effecting my daily life. From my first 30 minute session I noticed a difference. Week by week my health improved and in only 6 sessions I am now pain free. Sarang was very thorough, kind and conscious. He has also given me a future treatment plan to use at home if required. I can’t recommend Sarang and Crushes Clinic enough.


During Covid shutdown I suffered what I thought was a stress induced injury (power walking) to my Achilles tendon, the result of which was considerable pain and total shut-down of the normal movement of my foot. Using on-site facilities Crushes were able to diagnose the real problem - a calcium build-up within the tendon, rather like adding sand to a car engine. Using the very latest equipment Crushes bombarded the tendon with Focussed shockwaves specifically targeting the calcium deposits. The result was immediate and the pain was alleviated. Normal use of my foot was re-established. A course of remedial exercises was prescribed which have strengthened the Achilles tendon. I feel that Crushes have worked wonders - given that my problem had existed for some months and had been addressed by another practitioner to no beneficial effect. Whilst the treatment was somewhat expensive it was worth every penny. I cannot recommend Crushes Clinic highly enough


" I would highly recommend Sarang with your physio needs"

II would like to thank Sarang for treating two separate injuries. Every physio session I have had he has taken the time to understand my problem and to listen. I have always felt that my treatment was beneficial and any advice that I was given was appropriate and has helped me in the interim and longer term. Thank you for your excellent and friendly customer service. I would highly recommend Sarang with your physio needs. I wouldn't hesitate to come back if I have another injury.


"Highly recommended"

I've been going to Crushes for years for shoulder/neck/back problems and more recently for knee and IT band issues. I have seen various physios throughout the years, who have all been excellent. Kedar is particularly lovely and makes you feel very at ease in each session. The clinic is always clean and welcoming. Highly recommended!


"I will be eternally grateful"

Some years ago I burst a disc in my lower back, was in great pain and lost the complete use of my right leg. The physio and acupuncture treatment I received at Crushes Manor Clinic gradually got me back on my feet. The exercise regime I was given, plus occasional follow up treatments, have avoided the need for invasive surgery and enabled me to return to a normal lifestyle. I will be eternally grateful.


"Staff are professional and caring"

Continued treatment for shoulder and back injuries following bad car crash Staff are professional and caring.


"Can't recommend the clinic and Kedar enough"

Attended Crushes clinic with a bad lower back, and low state of mind. Left Crushes clinic with an improved back and a focus like never before. As a keen gym attendee injuring my back left me down and annoyed I couldn't train, but after being in Kadar's presence with his plethora of knowledge, I'm now on the mend instantly and ready to train tomorrow morning . Can't recommend the clinic and Kedar enough. Keep up the good work


"100 times better than some of the other Physio clinics I've been to"

Very happy. Went for a consultation regarding a shoulder injury. Received some excellent advice and exercise routine! 100 times better than some of the other Physio clinics I've been to.


"I would highly recommend"

I have been here for the treatment of very painful tendonitis. I have only been twice and already the results are amazing! I can finally move my hand without worry of pain! They were very polite and welcoming and got straight to the problem. I would highly recommend coming here for treatment and I'm sure others would agree!


"Courteous and friendly"

I have just finished a course of treatment for my back with Mike. The pain has now disappeared thanks to his thorough treatment. I found him very courteous and friendly and will certainly return if I need more treatment on any other area.


"Excellent treatment"

I have consulted Mike three times (different complaints) in the last five or so years and had excellent treatment. Wouldn't hesitate to go again if needed.


"Helped a lot"

I've seen Mike over a few months helped a lot. Now having acupuncture with Anuja and she's been great. Helping with my sciatica and nerve pain.


"Been helped out more times than I can count"

I can safely say I would probably be immobile without Mike and Crushes Manor Clinic, I've been helped out more times than I can count.


"They found and diagnosed things that were missed with the original problem"

Fantastic very friendly, I had problems with my back about 6 years ago and went through the usual channels and eventually got better. But recently I strained my back at work and the old problem came back (excuse the pun) my friend recommended Crushes Manor Clinic so I decided to go and give it a try I was not disappointed they found and diagnosed things that were missed with the original problem and I am now feeling so much better ie: tight hamstrings are not good for the back. I would highly recommend, their prices are very reasonable worth every penny, you can't put a price on pain relief


"I really appreciate the patience Sarang took to pinpoint the exact problem"

I have been coming to Crushes Manor for many years and have always been impressed with the treatment and have always made a fast recovery. I really appreciate the patience you (Sarang) took to pinpoint the exact problem with my knee - I can’t tell you how much more at ease I felt mentally after seeing you because I had been panicking that I had suffered some permanent post-op damage and it was getting me down. I should also mention that unlike other Physios who rely only on manipulation and exercises, I find the added combination of the ultrasound, electrode and laser therapy really helpful. Thank you again for your treatment. I will undoubtedly be back at some point so hopefully see you soon.


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